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SQE EU Concentrate Lesson Preview: Navigating European Union Law with Precision**


Welcome to the SQE EU Concentrate lesson preview – your gateway to mastering European Union law for the Solicitors Qualifying Examination. In this lesson, we delve into the intricacies of EU law, offering a comprehensive exploration that goes beyond the surface. Join us for a sneak peek into what awaits you:


Lesson Title: SQE EU Law Concentrate


Lesson Highlights:


1. Foundations of EU Law:

  •  Explore the historical evolution and foundational principles that shape European Union law.
  • Understand the unique legal framework that governs the relationships between EU member states.


2. EU Institutions and Decision-Making:

  •   Gain insights into the key institutions driving EU decision-making processes.
  • Explore the roles of the European Commission, Parliament, Council, and the Court of Justice of the European Union.

3. Legal Principles and Directives:

  •  Delve into core legal principles that underpin EU law, including supremacy and direct effect.
  • Understand the impact of EU directives on national legal systems and their implementation.

4. Free Movement and Competition Law:

  •   Explore the fundamental principles of free movement of goods, persons, services, and capital.
  • Understand the basics of EU competition law and its application in fostering fair market competition.

5. Key EU Regulations and Case Law:

  • Examine pivotal EU regulations that have significant implications in various legal domains.
  • Analyze landmark EU case law to grasp how legal principles are interpreted and applied in practice.


Why Take This Lesson:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Gain a comprehensive understanding of EU law essentials, providing a solid foundation for your SQE preparation.
  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from expert guidance by instructors with deep knowledge of European Union law.
  • Interactive Learning: Engage in interactive discussions, Q&A sessions, and scenario-based exercises for practical learning.

Prepare to excel in the SQE with our EU Concentrate lesson. This preview is just a glimpse into the comprehensive curriculum designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate EU law with precision. Click here to enroll now.

SQE EU Concentrate

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SQE EU Concentrate Prep Course
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