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Backhome Solicitors is a leading business immigration law firm in Nigeria. Our practice is finely tuned to cater to the needs of foreigners seeking to engage in business ventures within Nigeria. We specialize in facilitating essential permits, such as the Combined Expatriate Residence Permit and Aliens Card (CERPAC), ensuring a seamless transition into the Nigerian business landscape.

With a robust understanding of the legal intricacies, our seasoned immigration solicitors adeptly represent foreign individuals and entities, offering comprehensive counsel and strategic guidance throughout the permit and visa procurement process.

Furthermore, we extend our services to Nigerian nationals aspiring to explore opportunities abroad, providing tailored advice on the stringent immigration requirements of various countries, particularly for academic pursuits or business endeavours.

While our firm does not directly handle the processing of foreign visas for Nigerian nationals, we offer extensive consultation on the complex immigration regulations stipulated by foreign jurisdictions, ensuring our clients are well-informed and equipped for their international ventures.

In addition to our core services, we specialize in advising clients on acquiring second citizenships overseas, facilitating global mobility and providing invaluable opportunities for international business expansion.

Immigration Services Focus Areas

Clients rely on us for seamless processing of Nigerian business permits, CERPAC applications, TWP processing, and thorough consultation on student and immigrant visas to foreign countries

We also guide individuals through the intricate process of acquiring second passports in participating Caribbean countries, ensuring they can traverse the global business landscape with ease and confidence, unencumbered by visa restrictions.

At Backhome Solicitors Law Firm, we pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to providing exceptional legal services. Consult us for any of your business immigration needs today.

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