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At Backhome Solicitors,, we understand the diverse and complex legal needs that businesses and individuals face in today’s dynamic environment. Our comprehensive suite of services is designed to address these needs effectively, providing tailored solutions to help our clients achieve their objectives with confidence.

We take pride in delivering strategic advice, meticulous attention to detail, and unwavering dedication to our clients’ success.

Explore our services below to learn how Backhome Solicitors can partner with you to navigate legal challenges, seize opportunities, and achieve your goals. Whether you’re a business seeking corporate counsel, an individual navigating immigration issues, or an aspiring solicitor preparing for the SQE, we’re here to provide the trusted guidance and support you need to succeed.

Backhome solicitors services

SQE Preparation Training Services

Our SQE preparation training services are designed to equip aspiring solicitors in the UK with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE).

Through comprehensive courses, practice exams, and personalized coaching, our experienced instructors provide the guidance and support needed to excel in the SQE assessments.

With a focus on preparing candidates for the challenges of modern legal practice, we’re committed to helping future solicitors achieve their career goals with confidence.

Corporate Law Services

Our corporate law services encompass a wide range of legal matters essential for businesses to thrive. From entity formation and corporate governance to mergers and acquisitions, our experienced team provides strategic guidance tailored to the unique needs and goals of each client. 

With a focus on protecting our clients’ interests and promoting their long-term success, we offer comprehensive legal support to businesses of all sizes and industries.

Dispute Resolution

Our dispute resolution services are designed to efficiently resolve conflicts and disputes for our clients. Whether through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or litigation, our skilled attorneys work tirelessly to find optimal solutions while minimizing costs and disruptions.

With a commitment to achieving favorable outcomes and preserving relationships, we guide our clients through every step of the resolution process with professionalism and expertise.

Immigration Services

Our immigration services provide businesses with the guidance and support needed to navigate the complexities of immigration law.

From securing expatriate quote approval, business permit  to compliance assistance, our dedicated team offers personalized solutions to meet the immigration needs of both employers and employees.

With a focus on streamlining processes and ensuring compliance, we help businesses attract and retain global talent while minimizing legal risks.

Real Estate Services

Our real estate services offer comprehensive legal assistance for all aspects of real estate transactions and property matters. Whether buying, selling, leasing, or developing real estate assets, our experienced attorneys provide strategic advice and representation to clients across the real estate industry.

With a thorough understanding of local regulations and market dynamics, we guide our clients through every stage of the real estate process, helping them achieve their investment and development goals.

Intellectual Property Law Services

Our intellectual property law services help businesses protect and capitalize on their valuable intellectual assets. From patents and trademarks to copyrights and trade secrets, our skilled attorneys offer strategic advice and legal expertise to safeguard our clients’ intellectual property rights.

Whether securing intellectual property rights, enforcing them against infringement, or navigating licensing agreements, we provide tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each client.

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